Drumlanrig: SNP’s Elvis gyrates to a new tune

Chic Brodie MSP. Picture: Contributed
Chic Brodie MSP. Picture: Contributed
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WITH his jet black hairdo, his groovy moves and his penchant for belting out Hound Dog at conference karaoke nights, the SNP MSP Chic Brodie is justifiably often compared to Elvis.

But it turns out his true taste in music might be more Bluebell Polka than Blue Suede Shoes. Chic got an accordion for Christmas, and he says he aims to emulate Sir Jimmy Shand – whose sense of rhythm did not extend to the pelvic gyrations favoured by the King.

To give Chic a bit of incentive, the barflies in the Holyrood restaurant have challenged him to give them a tune on his new instrument before the end of the year.

So, a socialist goes into an airport...

Many folk have suggested that the Scottish Government has lurched to the left under Nicola Sturgeon, but few have done so with the cutting wit of Robert Goodwill, the Conservative MP and transport minister.

Speaking at the Airport Operators Association annual dinner in London last week Goodwill addressed the great and the good of the aviation industry.

Also speaking at the same event was a certain well-known Scottish comedian, a fact that Goodwill used to give his verdict on the Scottish Government’s decision to take over Prestwick Airport.

Goodwill’s opening line was: “I see that the after dinner speaker tonight is Kevin Bridges, who has been described to me as a Scottish socialist comedian. I wonder if he’s the Scottish socialist comedian who bought Prestwick Airport.”

Prestwick managing director Ian Cochrane was in the audience, but his reaction wasn’t recorded.

A toast to Dundee’s most vital spirits

The Dundee mill girl who went on to save countless lives as a missionary in Africa was commemorated in parliament last week. Mary Slessor’s (right) fellow Dundonian the Labour MSP Jenny Marra led a debate about the Victorian pioneer, while the SNP’s David Thompson recalled that Slessor used to do good works at the Wishart Memorial Church in Dundee’s Cowgate. The church sat above a pub earning the area the name “Heaven and Hell”. Drumlanrig was reminded of an old verse inspired by the juxtaposition of kirk and boozer. “There’s spirits above and spirits below; The spirits of love and the spirits of woe; The spirits of above are the spirits divine; The spirits below are the spirits of wine.”

Beyoncé and Alex – will memoir reveal all?

The lowlife that hang around the Scottish Parliament are eagerly awaiting the literary event of the year – the publication of Alex Salmond’s referendum memoir The Dream will Never Die: 100 Days that changed Scotland Forever. According to the publicity, the book will be “a masterclass in the power of progressive politics by one of the biggest figures in UK politics”. Hopes are that Salmond will answer a few burning questions from the referendum. For example, what is the Beyoncé (right) diet really like? What did he put in his porridge before taking Alistair Darling to the cleaners in the second televised debate? And what would he have done to celebrate had he actually won the referendum?


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