Drumlanrig: Murphy won’t be making plans like Nigel

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson with her partner Jen Wilson. Picture: Jane Barlow
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson with her partner Jen Wilson. Picture: Jane Barlow
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IT MUST have been a difficult moment for Jim Murphy yesterday when he announced that he would be quitting as Scottish Labour leader. To his credit, Murphy managed to keep his sense of humour. When one member of the scrum of photographers snapping his resignation had the misfortune of seeing part of his equipment fall to pieces and crash to the ground, Murphy quipped: “Do you want me to make my speech again?”

Having revealed that he intended to go, Murphy then added: “You never know I might decide to say something different if I have to do it again.”

Happily, the photographer’s camera was okay and so Murphy refrained from “doing a Farage”.

Davidson tells Irish Yes voters ‘the sky won’t fall in’

GIVEN that she is leader of the Scottish Conservatives, it seems more than a little strange to report that Ruth Davidson is campaigning for a Yes vote.

The vote in question, however, is the same-sex marriage referendum that will take place on 22 May in the Republic of Ireland.

An openly gay politician, Davidson is taking a keen interest in the vote across the Irish Sea because her partner, Jen Wilson (right, with Davidson), comes from Wexford.

Now that Scotland has permitted same-sex weddings, Davidson is hopeful that Ireland will follow suit.

“I would never presume to try and tell people in Ireland how to vote,” Davidson was quoted as saying in the Irish Times.

“I have a lovely Irish partner. I’m over and back fairly often,” Davidson continued. “Ireland and Scotland are not that different. Now that the step’s been taken the sky hasn’t fallen in in Scotland.

“It’s just as it’s always been. Scotland hasn’t changed.”

A oui small voice left out of the election

IN WESTMINSTER the new SNP MPs are rejoicing in the numbers of votes cast in their direction. Yet there was one vote missing from one of the party’s most prominent members. It came as some surprise for Drumlanrig to learn that the SNP MSP Christian Allard did not vote for the party he serves at the General Election.

It would, however, be wrong to leap to the conclusion that Allard (right) had defected to Labour, or God forbid, the Tories. His absence from the polling booth is down to the fact that he is a French citizen and as such is forbidden from voting in UK General Elections.

Heureusment pour lui, as a EU citizen he will be allowed to vote at next year’s Scottish Election.

Bad ideas at the ready

JOURNALISTS gathering in the foyer of Scottish Labour headquarters in Glasgow yesterday awaiting the fate of Jim Murphy were distracted by the serial protesters Sean Clerkin and Piers Doughty-Brown, who were making their presence felt with their placards and rather tiresome “pithy” comments.

Some light relief came, however, when one eagle-eyed hack noticed that sharing the third floor of the Bath Street building with Labour was a company called “The Bad Idea Organisation”.

The journalist in question cruelly remarked that Scottish Labourites must have been working hand-in-glove with their neighbours throughout the recent General Election.