Drumlanrig: How Maggie ‘on top’ gag had Tory boys in sweat

Margaret Thatcher. Picture: Getty
Margaret Thatcher. Picture: Getty
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LORD Forsyth, the former Scottish Secretary, was among those recounting stories about his encounters with Lady Thatcher last week – and none were more risque than his.

He revealed how, as a young man leading the Federation of Conservative Students, he had taken it upon himself to produce some leaflets to back her leadership. One, which he stuck on the door of the party chairman’s office read: “Put a woman on top for a change.” Cue a major row over the decline of standards at the Tory party. “I thought,” declared Forsyth last week, “she will never speak to me again. But typically, she pretended not to understand the double entendre.”

Her last bodyguard – a progressive female vicar

Lady Thatcher was, of course, not what might be termed a social progressive on matters of morality. Those who believe Britain has changed for the better over the 35 years since her election will enjoy the company she will keep when her body spends its last night before cremation at the Houses of Parliament Chapel of St Mary Undercroft. It will be the Speaker’s Chaplain, the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin. Not only a black female vicar, she has also hit out at the church over women bishops and gay marriage. Might be an interesting night.

Quebecois: ‘Alex, you speak our language’

The SNP’s slick communications effort has become the paragon for fellow nationalist movements around the western world. Parti Quebecois in Canada is the latest to try to copy some of Alex Salmond’s tactics in an attempt to convince voters to their way of thinking. Former PQ premier Bernard Landry declared last week that his party needed to stop banging on about “sovereignty” and instead adopt the more alluring “independence”. “Let’s use the right words. Independence is more comprehensive. You don’t hear people talk about Scotland holding a referendum on sovereignty. The 4th of July isn’t Sovereignty Day, it’s Independence Day.” Finally they’re getting somewhere. Now all they need to do is find a Francophone Kevin Pringle.

Was Cameron Thurso’s Eton fag? No, if only…

John Thurso, the Lib Dem MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, was tickled pink last week after fellow Lib Dems suggested he had once employed one David Cameron as his fag at Eton. The claims were, in fact, erroneous. The 59-year-old Viscount left Eton a good nine years before the young future PM appeared. What pleased him so much was that the fact that most people seemed to accept that Thurso and 46-year-old Cameron were the same age. Is it the famous tash that did it?