Drumlanrig: Game on for joys of cross-party unity

Stewart Hosie
Stewart Hosie
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WITH Scottish ministers having decided to push through same-sex marriage, perhaps it is time they turned their attention to helping cross-party unions as well.

All support is required on the evidence of the Scottish Politician of the Year event at Prestonfield House Hotel last week. In the campaign of the year category, Dundee MPs Stewart Hosie (SNP) and Jim McGovern (Labour) were jointly recognised for supporting the city’s computer games industry.

The shy and retiring Hosie spoke first, lighting the blue touch paper by describing McGovern as his “assistant” in the campaign. Resisting the temptation to spontaneously explode, McGovern took over the mic and muttered threateningly about how he would never ever be Hosie’s assistant in anything. They then smiled for the camera. Has there been a less convincing political alliance in recent history?

Can Gordon keep calm and carry on?

Also close to combustion was Glasgow’s Labour leader Gordon Matheson, named Local Politician of the Year after winning the battle for the country’s biggest city earlier this year. A fit-to-explode pumped-up Matheson took to the stage (in Edinburgh) to loudly declare that Glasgow was the finest place ever created by mankind, and that Glasgow Labour would be making bloody well certain there would be none of that independence stuff happening near them. Heavens. Calm down, Gordon.

Rival campaigners so near and yet so far

Meanwhile, pro-indy campaigners are claiming a first win in the cyber-battle against their Unionist foe. The YesScotland campaign reveals it now has 48,000 YouTube viewers, double the number of Better Together. Equally, they note, they have more Facebook and Twitter followers.

The rivalry between the two camps is fever pitch, as befits the fact they’re all old chums (communications chiefs Susan Stewart and Rob Shorthouse are former colleagues at the Scottish Government) and are both now based a stone’s throw from each other in Glasgow’s financial district. For the good of Scotland, we can only hope they’re not going to the same sandwich shop for their pieces.

Catching the First Minister on song?

Historian Neil Oliver has suggested our beloved First Minister has a doppelganger.

He tweeted: “Have Korean balladeer and choreographer PSY, and Scots politician and gourmand Alex Salmond ever been seen in the same room?”