Drumlanrig: Danny Alexander getting out of paying

Alex Salmond has suggested that Bob Dylan could sing at Glasgow 2014. Picture: Getty
Alex Salmond has suggested that Bob Dylan could sing at Glasgow 2014. Picture: Getty
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DANNY Alexander, MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, paid a visit to the free-entry Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore recently. On arriving at reception, he wanted to buy a guide book, costing a very reasonable £4.

Unfortunately Alexander, who as Chief Secretary to the Treasury is guardian over more than a few squillion pounds, had no money on him and had to pay by plastic.

Possibly traumatised by this act of “buy today, pay tomorrow”, he was later observed escaping over a low turf wall into the car park rather than the normal way out through reception. Perhaps he feared he’d be charged an exit fee?

Lego man builds himself up for a putdown

WHEN not hopping out of the Highland Folk Museum, Danny Alexander has to deliver serious economic speeches. All this talk of currency, debt and monetary policy has failed to dampen his sense of the ridiculous, which is probably just as well.

During a speech last week, he reflected that since he become Chief Secretary to Treasury he had been called a “ginger rodent” by Harriet Harman and had also been christened Beaker from the Muppets.

If this wasn’t enough, he has discovered on Twitter “a new photo blog called the Adventures of Lego Danny Alexander”.

Blowing in the wind

NOW that the plans to make the demolition of an Glasgow’s Red Road Flats the centrepiece of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony have been given the heave-ho, news arrives of a replacement attraction.

Alex Salmond has suggested that Bob Dylan (left) could sing at Glasgow 2014. The First Minister’s suggestion was made in his infamous GQ interview.

When not expressing admiration for “certain aspects” of Vladimir Putin’s Russian presidency, Salmond was asked what his favourite song was. Ae Fond Kiss was the reply. “It’s the best song,” he said. “Bob Dylan cited it as key poetic inspiration.” When asked if he could get Dylan to again visit Glasgow, Salmond replied: “I can ask.”

Songs to split your sides

THE flamboyant Tory minister Alan Duncan burst into song when he came north of the Border last week. Imploring Scotland to remain in the Union, he gave a rather tuneless rendition of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Please Don’t Go.

The hacks gathered to meet the minister in Duddingston were non-plussed. “At least it is better than D.I.V.O.R.C.E by Dolly Parton,” Duncan said by way of explanation.

White paper taken as red

AS THE stushie rages over Alex Salmond’s admiration of Putin rumbles on, Drumlanrig wonders whether it is any coincidence that an abridged version of Salmond’s White Paper on Scotland’s Future has been available in Russian since last year?