Drumlanrig: Case of true blues after blunder

Alex Fergusson. Picture: Robery Perry
Alex Fergusson. Picture: Robery Perry
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TORY MSP Alex Fergusson appeared to have undergone a Salmondian conversion when his column appeared in the Galloway Gazette this week.

His constituents were astonished to read a thundering column attacking the Conservatives’ welfare reform programme and urging readers to vote Yes in the independence referendum.

“People were coming up to me and say I can’t believe you’ve said that... neither could I,” said Fergusson.

A mix-up had meant that the paper had printed a column under Fergusson’s name written by the SNP MSP Adam Ingram, which was intended for its sister publication the Carrick Gazette.

Spellbound by boost to independence campaign

“Double, double, toil and trouble, fire, burn and cauldron bubble”, the Yes Scotland campaign has been given a supernatural boost with the formation of “Witches for Scottish Independence”.

“If being Scottish by descent or by residence cries out to magic in your soul and if you feel Caledonia deserves to be free – vote ‘Yes’ for Scottish independence,” their Facebook page proclaims.

More than 500 people have “liked” the page already. Drumlanrig is unaware of any MSPs joining the coven, but will be keeping an eye out for broomsticks parked outside the Holyrood canteen.

What bets on the Better Together campaign calling for a resurrection of the Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1597?

Darling running out of social media excuses

Alistair Darling has earned his stripes as a no-nonsense politician not given to glib soundbites or jazzy photo-ops. No surprise then that the head of the Better Together pro-UK campaign has so far resisted the pull of social media to get his message across. However, we now hear that Darling is being urged by many friends and political allies to start a Twitter account as the big battle leading up the referendum hots up. As a man with a much under-rated talent in good one-liners, he is surely running out of excuses. If the Pope can tweet, can’t Darling?

Always stick a cork in it before tweeting

On the same subject, Darling’s opposite number Blair Jenkins is taking a disciplined approach to tweeting.

“Once the bottle’s uncorked, log off the computer,” is the Yes Scotland leader’s Twitter motto. Wise words from a man who has clearly considered the perils of tweeting and drinking.