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Get the latest on the independence referendum on our dedicated website. Picture: Neil Hanna
Get the latest on the independence referendum on our dedicated website. Picture: Neil Hanna
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WE round up some of the best contributions made in comments on in the past seven days, in this feature first published on our Scottish independence site.

In comments on Sunday’s ICM opinion poll for Scotland on Sunday, there was discussion on the debate itself, the battle for undecided voters, and the methods of pollsters.

rmr said: “Those who say Better Together is campaigning negatively and (Yes Scotland) is arguing positively, should understand that its just because of how the question is framed.

“If (the) question was “Do you want to continue to stay in United Kingdom?” and the Vote was “Yes, I want to stay” or “No” I want to leave”, in that split second, all current Yes Campaigners would become naysayers and negativity-mongers while “Better Together” will become a campaign of positive case.

“So don’t fall in the trap of positivity /negativity of campaign, it just depends on perception.

Runnerman6 wrote: “I received a call from ICM last week. Not impressed by their manipulative questioning.

“When I was being awkward I was asked what age I was. When I said 57 I was told the survey was looking for respondents aged 18-54, neatly disenfranchising two whole groups of voters. Strangely, I see no evidence of age related questions in this report.”

On reports of calls for feedback on a new Scottish constitution, opinions were mixed as to the document’s effectiveness and background.

Taffia wrote: “A written constitution is only as good as the government in place at the time. The unique co-existence of common law in England and Wales and Scots and the combination of Acts of Parliament and constitutional conventions have done as good a job as any other country.

“Also, constitutions can be anti-democratic and entrench laws on future generations, the right to bear arms being one of them. The US cannot control its gun levels because of its constitutional straightjacket, whereas the UK government can respond virtually overnight such as in reaction to the Hungerford and Dunblane atrocities.”

SlyFifer wrote: “No-one seems to recognise that there is already a body in Scotland which has been beavering away for years drawing up a representative Constitution for Scotland.

“A charitable non-party organisation, the Scottish Constitutional Commission under the directorship of John Drummond has produced excellent work which ought to be floated to the Scots people for comment and input.”

This week’s independence essay by Jonathon Shafi of the Radical Independence Campaign provoked lively and thoughtful debate.

Sheltie2014 wrote: “It would be interesting to see how Scottish democracy would develop when cut free from the constraints of having to look south to Westminister.

“For a lot of yes campaigners it has made them more aware of the need to have solutions to problems made at a local level.”

Matthew Pike wrote: “I read a lot and this article seems remarkably well versed, The question that is on everyone’s mind is this: If the YES vote does indeed prevail, what will Scotland look like 5 years down the road? This is especially for someone who may seek to make investment in Scotland.

“Would the government be Center, Center Left, Center Right? Will land reform change things dramatically (are good stewards still welcome?) Is the general tax scheme going to be one that encourages foreign investment?

“So many questions and seemingly so few answers, I guess what I would wish for is for someone to just paint me a picture of the new, independent Scotland.”

Noaxetogrind wrote: “I think if it came down to it most of England would want ‘independence’ too. Independence that is from London which is fast becoming a rich state of its own with scant regard for what really goes on in the rest of the country.

“Look at the recent floods in the south of England - nothing happened and no top line politicians turned up until it affected the Thames.”

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