Why I’m backing Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister – Murdo Fraser

Jeremy Hunt says he will put defending Scotland’s place in the UK before Brexit, and that’s good enough for Murdo Fraser

Conservative Party leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt visits Peterhead. Picture: PA
Conservative Party leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt visits Peterhead. Picture: PA

With the Conservative Party leadership race now down to the last two candidates, most ­Scottish Conservatives will be making their choice dependent on which of Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson we believe will best help our cause in Scotland.

There is polling evidence that suggests that support for independence could grow if Boris becomes Prime Minister, although it is worth remembering that ­similar polls in the past based on “what if” scenarios (for example, around the Brexit issue) have ­subsequently turned out to have exaggerated the Yes vote.

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I was delighted to hear ­Jeremy Hunt say at the weekend that he would put defending ­Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom before Brexit. I was also very pleased to hear about his plans to address immigration issues to help Scottish industries, something my Scottish Conservative colleagues and I have been pressing for.

When it comes to his track record in government as Foreign Secretary, I believe that Jeremy Hunt has proven his capability. In particular, his focus on protecting the rights of persecuted Christians across the world was welcome.

For these reasons, I will be voting for Jeremy Hunt to be our next Prime Minister, and I hope that when Tory members across the country weigh up the respective merits of the two candidates, their experience, their capability, their judgement, and the approach that they will take to Brexit, they will share my view.