What Scotland’s supermarkets should learn from Mallorca – Angus Robertson

The quality of Scottish produce is appreciated around the world
The quality of Scottish produce is appreciated around the world
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Most of the shoppers at Mallorca’s biggest supermarket clearly weren’t tourists but locals out getting their weekly supplies.

Having run out of baby supplies, we stopped by to get the essentials and were blown away by the efforts being made to promote local food, drink and other produce.

Despite being a major Spanish-wide supermarket chain, large parts of the store were branded as promoting products made or sourced on Mallorca. From fruit and veg stalls to cheese, hams, wines and an impressive fish section – all were branded as the best produce from Mallorca.

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It made me think of how many times I’ve been to the shops at home and struggled to find any seafood from Scotland, or any clear attempt to promote locally sourced fruit and veg, beyond an underwhelming mention on packaging. In some supermarkets there appears to be a growing tendency to not market Scottish produce as such at all.

Scotland has fantastic food and drink, which is appreciated around the world. People’s tastes have been changing over the decades, and there is a demand for locally produced food and drink as never before, and room to grow for much more too.

Let’s do our bit to properly market and support Scottish produce, it’s good for local producing businesses and supports the environment, with fewer food miles involved from farm to plate.