What happened when I met a woman buying plastic-wrapped bananas – Hayley Matthews

Why wrap bananas in cellophane?
Why wrap bananas in cellophane?
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During the week, I was in the supermarket and asked my son to pick up a bunch of bananas. He picked up ones wrapped in cellophane and was quickly asked to get ones not wrapped in plastic.

I told him that the less people that buy items wrapped in plastic, then the less demand that there will be for it.

As I was shouting this across the aisle a woman who had just picked up a huge bunch of bananas wrapped in cellophane looked at me slightly embarrassed.

Feeling I had to explain that I wasn’t having a pop at her and how I was just trying to explain to my son how we need to stop buying things wrapped in plastic she looked a bit taken aback.

She commented on how her plastic ones looked so much better than ours and how our bananas wouldn’t last very long and they had a bruise on them.

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She seemed quite defensive about the whole situation so not wanting to get in an argument in the middle of the supermarket (see my post from a year ago about falling out with a nutter in the butter aisle), I decided to nonchalantly say “well he’s only seven and as long as we get something that tastes like a banana I’m sure he’ll be happy” – and it’s not good for the planet!

It still leaves me shocked that people will go out their way to buy items that are wrapped in plastic just because they look perfect. I hate going into a supermarket where everything looks the same and is wrapped in squeaky, crunchy plastic. Give me a wonky veg box any day – and with no cellophane, obviously.