The week in cartoons

OUR cartoonists lend their take on the news that has dominated the past week, including Alex Salmond’s star-studded Yes Campaign, tea and biscuits with Alistair Darling and Tony Blair’s appearance at the Leveson Inquiry

Sat 26 May: As Alex Salmond’s Yes campaign is launched, our cartoonist wonders whether the First Minister’s Hollywood lineup chimes with his independence rhetoric

Sun 27 May: Alex Salmond’s emotional march to independence is being stymied by the small things, like details, and the electorate, for example...

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Mon 28 May: Even Labour leader Ed Miliband senses defeat is on the cards for Alistair Darlin’s No campaign.

Tue 29 May: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s appearance at the Leveson Inquiry draws admiring glances from David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt, who remain entangled in scandal

Wed 30 May: Alex Salmond’s plans for energy provision in Scotland are given the cold shoulder

Thu 31 May: Business Secretary Vince Cable and Rupert Murdoch may have more in common than they realise

Fri 1 Jun: Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt appears to get his wires crossed about the concept of impartiality over his stewardship of the failed BSkyB takeover bid as a cache of texts reveals his close ties to the Murdochs