We should all take this advice on life from Isle of Skye – leader comment

Slow down and take time to appreciate the sunrise at Quiraing on the Isle of Skye
Slow down and take time to appreciate the sunrise at Quiraing on the Isle of Skye
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We should all heed the advice of a new tourism campaign on Skye – and take time to relax and enjoy our holidays.

“Old Man of Storr – check, Fairy Glen – check, Fairy Pools – check, Quiraing – check, Neist Point – no, oh no, we’ve missed Neist Point, stop the coach ...!”

Skye’s popularity with tourists is well documented, but in recent years the island has apparently seen an increase in a new and possibly rather stressed-out traveller.

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Dubbed ‘tick-box tourists’, these are visitors intent on a quick stop, just time enough for a selfie or two as evidence that, yes, they did indeed see the Old Man of Storr, and then on to the next attraction. “And let’s be quick about it. Come on, come on, time is money!”

If that’s your idea of a relaxing holiday, Skye is, apparently, happy to accommodate you. However, a new campaign hopes to persuade people to slow down a bit and re-adjust to “Skye time”, aka island time.

Those used to city life may get a bit snippy if forced to wait more than five minutes for their skinny flat white, but it would be a terrible shame if such urban deadlines were to be gradually imposed on more tranquil, peaceful places like Skye.

So let’s all try to relax on our holidays. After all, isn’t that what they are for?

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