Ten money saving tips: Power up to cut your energy bills

The average household energy bill has shot up by an eye-watering 140 per cent since 2004. And with SSE having announced a price hike ahead of this winter and other suppliers likely to follow suit, finding ways to save energy and money is really important.

Here are uSwitch.com’s top ten tips to cutting your energy bills down to size:

1 Shop around

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Sign up to our Opinion newsletter

If you are still sitting on your supplier’s old-fashioned and expensive standard tariff then you are paying far more for your energy than you need to.

2 Pay By direct debit

Energy suppliers offer valuable discounts for paying by monthly direct debit, plus it makes it far easier to budget and avoid those heavy winter bills.

3 Go for a fixed price deal

You will enjoy low prices today, plus be protected from future price hikes.

4 Have an annual review

Make sure you check the market to ensure you are still paying a competitive price.

5 Do your research

Use an independent price comparison and switching service to find out about all the deals on the market.

6 Insulate

Take advantage of free or low-cost home insulation – energy suppliers are racing to hit government targets so are giving away insulation and energy efficiency offers.

7 Switch it off

Turn lights off when not required, don’t leave TVs, computers or gadgets on standby and turn your heating down by one degree.

8 Standby savers

If you’re not very good a turning things off then invest in a standby saver.

9 Radiator boost

Cut your annual heating bills by up to £140 with a Radiator Booster (£24.95) which circulates the warm air.

10 The low energy cuppa

Cut the cost of your cups of tea – the Eco Kettle LD201A (32.99) uses an average of 31 per cent less energy than any other kettle.

• Details of these and other products are available at: uswitch.com