Talk of the Town: Taking politics of dancing for a spin

POLITICIANS are often accused of leading the electorate on a merry dance when they perform dramatic u-turns in their policies.

But two Holyrood MSPs are taking this philosophy to the dancefloor, with Keith Brown and Christina McKelvie set to jive and piroutte at a “Strictly Come Prancing” charity event.

The elected duo are set to strut their stuff on the roof garden of Princes Street Suites, with all money raised going to the Aberlour Child Care Trust.

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While their big-hearted gesture should be applauded, it remains to be seen whether they will receive the Bruce Forsyth “Didn’t they do well?” seal of approval.

Flushing with pride

IT might sound like toilet humour, but it seems we really can’t live without our lavatories.

A survey shows three quarters of Capital mums bravo the bog, claiming it’s the one piece of domestic equipment they just could not live without.

The figures suggest Edinburgh folk value our toilets more than our counterparts in Aberdeen or Glasgow. But, we are told, a clean commode is just as important as more than a third of mums said they were concerned a dirty toilet would harm their child’s health.

So despite miserly stereotyping, it seems we Scots are partial to spending a penny ... just make sure it’s spotless.

Cash-strapped kiddies

A NEW phrase has entered common lexicon with the warning that “cash-point parents” are shelling out dough to their grown-up children for much longer than in years gone by.

According to a report by the Bank of Scotland, 84 per cent of young adults are relying on their parents to provide them with money, compared to 61 per cent in the early 80s.

The report explains that “a key factor is the rising belief that costly life milestones such as going to university and buying a house are now essential.”

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Perhaps inflated house prices, a flatlining economy and a national debt crisis should be factored in too.

Give the man a gold star

SCOTLAND’S foremost mindreader Drew McAdam’s star is rising – but not in a strictly professional sense.

The entertainer and mentalist took to Twitter to explain how the celebrity symbol was conspicuously missing from his dressing room door at the Lyceum Theatre on Friday. The East Lothian performer said: “Kicked off about having no gold star on my dressing room door at The Lyceum Theatre. (joke!) 10 minutes later one appeared! Who did that?” Drew, we thought you could tell us!