Talk of the Town: Saint’s day gives George a free pint

BY George – or Georgina.

It’s St George’s Day next week and should you share a name with England’s patron, you’re entitled to a free pint at four city pubs: the Malt Shovel Inn on Cockburn Street, Milnes Bar on Hanover Street, the Doctors on Forrest Road and the Beehive Inn on Grassmarket Street.

Any George or Georgina with photo ID will be treated to a Bombardier beer on the house.

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So that’s the case for the union sorted. Alex, what’ve you got for us?

Fake Swede swindlers

WITH the success of his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels, Alexander McCall Smith would seem to have few rivals to worry about in his field.

But the medical law professor turned novelist found time to poke fun at his Scandanavian counterparts in the crime genre while giving a lecture to 500 fans in Buffalo in the United States.

Speaking about the immense popularity of Swedish author Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, which included The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, McCall Smith observed: “It’s very fashionable to be a Swedish criminal these days.

“There are all sorts of authors who are claiming to be Swedish and writing these [novels]. Be very careful the next time you buy a Swedish crime novel.”

99 breeds of dog?

IT’S certainly a more elaborate treat than a biscuit.

Dobbies Garden World Edinburgh is giving its new ice cream big licks – because it’s for dogs.

Panting pooches can join in as their owners cool off with a 99 by lapping up either strawberry and apple or apple, banana and carrot.

Let’s just hope the word “cone” doesn’t bring back bad memories of fleas and the v.e.t.

In the belly of Europe

NATIVES of sunkissed European havens are breathing a collective sigh of relief this summer with news that the Scots are staying at home.

A recent survey by tummy-soothing firm Yakult suggests that while 69 per cent of us feel we are in need of a break, only a third will fly abroad due to belt-tightening.

Perhaps fuelled by widespead staycations, 68 per cent of Scots were more curious than ever to learn about different cultures and countries.

Talk of the Town suggests those wishes to broaden their cultural horizons visit the Royal Mile in the opening days of the Festival to bask in the Smörgåsbord of different nationalities hawking their act.