Talk of the town: It’s *something* to SHOUT about

SHE is a Twitter sensation and author behind the best-selling How To Be A Woman.

But newspaper columnist Caitlin Moran issued a four-letter exclamation on the micro-blogging website when a picture emerged at a Capital branch of Waterstone’s paying special tribute to her latest offering.

The bookstore aped her penchant for CAPITALS and *asterisks* in her tweets by announcing her book Moranthology with this sign.

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Sara’s political recruitment drive is a likely Tory

THE Tories aren’t exactly known for their glamorous side.

But reports suggest former Miss Edinburgh Sara McLean, most recently seen reaching the final of Big Brother, has been invited to help recruit young talent for the Scottish Conservatives.

The 22-year-old from Newington declared her allegiances to housemates on the Channel Five show.

And, like the Tories in Scotland, true blue Sara has plenty of experience of being evicted.

Aww! Isn’t that tweet?

THE social networks are often lauded for bringing sports stars and celebrities closer to their fans.

But like all forms of electronic communication, one slip of the finger and it’s red faces all round.

It can happen to anyone, so spare a thought for the tweeter employed by Livingston Football Club, who recently shared with followers of the official club feed: “On bus babe. Phone is short of battery. Let me know where you will be at about 6.45 Xx”.

Domestic blitz at work

WEDDING fever has struck Capital-based events firm Roselle and its sister company Thirty Eleven Seventy, where nearly half of its staff is about to – or just have – tied the knot.

Two of the brides-to-be are set to take their vows on the same day.

Managing director Charlotte McIntosh, 30, said: “We are all sharing tips and ideas with each other which is great, but I suppose you don’t want to give too much away about your big day as you want it to be a surprise for everyone.”

It must be must be something in the water cooler.