Talk of the Town: Fireworks trigger gulls’ counterattack

IF you thought the fallout from the Festival was limited to heaving streets, sky high prices, and confrontational flyering, you were wrong.

Hundreds of seagulls have been spotted getting into a flap and showering buildings with their waste during the nightly fireworks display from the Castle.

Witnesses have reported the panicked birds reacting frantically to the booms and cracks before relieving themselves on to the streets of the Old Town.

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The same kind of response can also be seen from unsuspecting tourists during the RAF flyby.

Short straw gets Glasgow

IT seems unlikely the Scottish Government is going to see the error of its ways and do a U-turn on its decision to hold the national Olympic parade in Glasgow rather than Edinburgh. But one Capital politician believes an accommodation could still be reached.

“We should start with a special ceremony at Edinburgh City Chambers to give Sir Chris Hoy the freedom of the city. Then everyone can go up to the Castle and Alex Salmond can host a reception there. Then they draw straws to see who has to go to Glasgow.”

Chocolate is the limit

WHILE the dusty corridors of the City Chambers are not exactly laden with wealth and perks, newly-revised anti-bribery rules still had councillors in a bit of a flap.

“Why is it we’re allowed to receive chocolates, but not alcohol?” queried former Lord Provost and veteran Labour stalwart Lesley Hinds, as the rules were outlined.

Members of the local authority’s main policy committee looked slightly relieved as officials explained that there was in fact no total ban, but urged discretion depending on the circumstances.

“If we could check for clarification for chocolate liqueurs,” quipped slightly guilty-looking Green leader Steve Burgess.

Choreography is grey area

IT is the best read book this year, with more than 40 million sold worldwide.

But now EL James’ raunchy novel Fifty Shades of Grey is getting a new lease of life – as a musical parody.

Quite how the production will be choreographed has not been revealed but TOTT suspects public order offences will follow if it’s anything as graphic as the steamy text.

The show opens at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on August 22 – with promoters promising X-rated content from Act 1, not P121.