Talk of the Town: Fiery action turns into damp squib

IT was the occupation that could have started a mass uprising of the people – if only it hadn’t rained.

Hundreds of protesters pitched up in St Andrew Square over the weekend as part of a global demonstration against government cuts to public services and the general state of world affairs. While the sun was shining over the weekend there was a feeling that this could be the start of something big, a popular movement.

Sadly, following a freezing downpour throughout much of Monday, the protesters soon saw their numbers dwindle, until just a few sodden soldiers of the revolution remained.

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In the end, council plans to move on the protesters proved needless – the weather did the job for it.

Isaac’s mystery man is real puzzler for our US cousins

IT stars Jason Isaacs as a Yorkshireman and has a supporting cast with polished Edinburgh tones.

So it’s somewhat puzzling that US viewers have been warned they won’t understand the hit BBC series Case Histories without subtitles.

Readers of the San Francisco Chronicle have been warned: “Just don’t try watching these without captioning. Brigadoon it ain’t.”

It’s a long way from the Banana Flats of Trainspotting.

New stats are the Pitts

SOME might say only a miracle could see the Capital overtaken as Scotland’s top tourist trap.

But surprising new figures show Glasgow filling more hotel rooms in 2011 than the nation’s capital.

While Edinburgh had an average occupancy rate of 74.3 per cent in the first eight months of 2011, Glasgow has filled 78.3 per cent of rooms, according to accountancy firm PKF.

But fear not city natives for it seems this statistical anomaly may well be a quirk of fortune and the fact American pretty boy Brad Pitt was in town throughout August.

That’s our story anyway and we’re sticking to it.

Help break the code

THERE’S no shortage of street art to be found around the Capital, although one rather striking piece is causing much debate in Leith.

The black gas mask-wearing urban anti-hero figure popped up on the boarded-up door of the former Hopetoun Inn on McDonald Road.

Residents have been speculating about a mysterious code – CMYK – and the numbers 042:114:98 on the painting.

Some suggested the code stood for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key, but no one can agree on whet the numbers might mean.

Answers on a postcard please.