Talk of the Town: Big launch misses JK’s magic touch

IT may be her adopted city, but the reaction in Edinburgh to the launch of JK Rowling’s first adult novel, the Casual Vacancy, yesterday was, well, pretty casual.

Waterstone’s on Princes Street opened an hour early in anticipation of a flood of buyers, like the hordes who flocked to snap up Harry Potter books when they first went on sale.

But only ONE person arrived early to buy a copy of the controversial novel – a disappointing turnout that was mirrored in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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Music shop worker Scott Weston, 27, from the Capital, who bought it for his girlfriend, said: “I was surprised when I arrived and there was nobody here. I expected big queues.

“I came down for a couple of Harry Potter launches and the place was packed. But it feels great to be one of the first people in Edinburgh to buy a copy of her new book.”

Sounds like JK needs to pull a rabbit out her magic hat to repeat her Potter prosperity.

Catherine’s jam today goes to next level

THE Olympics may be a distant memory but world records are still being smashed.

Among those to claim one is a city animation student who was one of 300 video game creators to take part in the largest “game jam” yet.

Catherine Labranche-Marois, 28, from Waverley Park in Abbeyhill, was involved in the effort to create games over 48 hours at the University of Bedfordshire.

That’s an achievement that will surely take Catherine to the next level.

Love the one you’re with

AS one of the stalwarts of Edinburgh’s light-entertainment scene, it’s only right that Grant Stott’s local newspaper wishes him a happy wedding anniversary.

It’s a day to enjoy only the finest treatment, and the Forth One DJ is making sure he won’t miss out.

Followers to his Twitter feed were yesterday told: “It’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow so I think I’ll head up town and buy myself something nice.”

Beauty knows no pain

IT’S women’s biggest secret – not our words, but those of psychotherapist Rachel Shattock Dawson – and men are falling for it head over heels.

A survey has revealed that 88 per cent of Scottish men think beauty comes naturally to women, but as Rachel explains: “Some of our beauty rituals aren’t the most romantic sights to witness.”