Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon must play it smart, not go all Braveheart

Mel Gibson as William Wallace in the film Braveheart (Picture: 20th Century Fox)
Mel Gibson as William Wallace in the film Braveheart (Picture: 20th Century Fox)
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NATIONALISTS are desperate for Nicola Sturgeon to “hurry up” with an independence referendum, ignoring whether or not Westminster agrees with it.

Presumably Ms Sturgeon is constantly assessing the potential level of Yes votes and the best tactic to dismiss Bojo’s refusal to accept Scottish sovereignty so that a winning vote really can be delivered.

Now the impetus and motive for Aye voters has become more complicated. Many will prioritise their dream of independence, others may see it as the only means to stay in the EU, and some will see leaving the UK as the only way to defend themselves from extreme Tory lunacy and a no-deal disaster.

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I’m sure Ms Sturgeon realises such floating voters are not necessarily devoted to the SNP and wouldn’t have gone for independence in the past. Her canvassing and campaigning will have to be complex, subtle, diplomatic, all-embracing and based on political evidence and alternatives rather than just loyal Braveheart mentality.

We’re not going to Greece – it’s come here instead!

THE only good thing about current climate change is that every day is good for drying washing.

The dog has a chilling icy bandana to limit his panting. Both he and the cat eat less. The fridge is turned up to a cooler setting. It’s too hot to do a lot of housework and way too hot to sleep well at night.

Every day is sweaty, too hot to sunbathe and plants are drying up. If this carries on, we’ll need air conditioners and palm trees. With windows open, flies buzz in and we need insect zappers, especially in our kitchen. During the day, it’s best to have curtains closed unless we want rugs, carpets and furniture faded by the strong sun.

Thank God we haven’t booked a holiday in Greece.

Humans should hang their heads in shame

MORE seriously, we must sob over climate change and its effect on animals. African elephants are already facing extinction because of poachers. But they also need up to 300 litres of water to drink a day.

How can we humans cope with that guilt and shame?