Scottish independence: Gordon Brown just as delusional as Boris Johnson – Helen Martin

Gordon Brown. Picture: John Devlin
Gordon Brown. Picture: John Devlin
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FORMER Prime Minister Gordon Brown is launching a pro-Union think tank to influence Scotland. I doubt he will succeed.

He was a “very temporary” PM and one of the loudest voices telling Scots to vote No in the indyref if they wanted to stay in the EU.

He sold some UK gold reserves when the price was low. He thought pension funds had too much money, taking billions out of pension funds by abolishing one tax relief measure, before bust followed boom and pensions were ruined or put at risk.

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Now he claims Bojo could be the last UK Prime Minister with his delusional strength over the EU and happiness for a no-deal Brexit, which is boosting Scottish independence and escape.

Yet Brown blames the SNP rather than Boris and extreme Brexiteers, or Corbyn who has massively reduced Labour votes.

He seems to think he is an eminent, venerable, respected voice. He is as delusional as Boris.

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