Running is Highway to Heaven, not Hell – Steve Cardownie

Runners took to Edinburgh's streets in their droves for the 10k event (Picture:  Neil Hanna)
Runners took to Edinburgh's streets in their droves for the 10k event (Picture: Neil Hanna)
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If you run regularly, it becomes something to look forward to, not avoid, writes Steve Cardownie.

AS a former recreational runner I was pleased to see that the Edinburgh’s Men’s 10k event at the weekend wasa resounding success. With 1,800 participants taking to the streets it also provided enjoyment for the spectators as well as the runners.

When I wore a younger man’s clothes (to quote Billy Joel) one of my pursuits was the participation in half-marathons up and down the country, from Dumfries to Inverness, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The opportunity to meet other runners and see other towns from a different perspective was a great motivator and putting in the miles over the weeks leading up to the event, about 50 per week, got easier as my running was more regular.

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Twice round Arthur’s Seat and then back up to the City Chambers was a regular lunchtime activity and a Sunday morning run from The Fit o’ the Walk to the airport and back was something to be looked forward to, not avoided.

Some ‘tracky’ clothes and, importantly, a decent pair of running shoes is all that is needed to take up this activity, with routes geared to capabilities ensuring that the participant does not over-extend themselves.

All this can be boosted by the technology on offer with modern lightweight ear-pieces providing the music of choice.

We’ve come a long way since I took to the streets, Walkman in hand, ill-fitting earphones on my bonce, bounding along to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell as the only stimulant required to complete the course.

In the words of a well-known sports brand: “Just Do It.”