‘Regifting’ is now a thing – leader comment

Christmas presents can be a bit of a lottery
Christmas presents can be a bit of a lottery
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Pretending you like your Christmas presents? Here’s what to do...

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Or did you spend the day unconvincingly insisting it was lovely and, yes, you would definitely wear your slightly ill-fitting new jumper?

Now, there are some who have no qualms at all – or perhaps higher standards of honesty – about making their views known on the shortcomings of a particular gift. Receipts may have been demanded and a shopping spree planned before flaming brandy on the Christmas pudding has gone out. However, there is a third way. ‘Re-gifting’ feels very much part of the modern-day movement to cut out waste. It may leave some gift-givers feeling a wee bit put out to discover you have parcelled up their carefully chosen present and given it to someone else, but it doesn’t seem quite as cold as asking for the receipts.

And at least the gift won’t just sit on a shelf, in a cupboard or box in the garage for years before finally being thrown out as the moths have been at it or there’s a bit missing so giving it to a charity shop is not an option. So, regifting is now a thing – maybe we should all give it a try.

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