Political apathy is a gift to far right – leader comment

The rise of far-right politicians has been one of the stories of politics in Europe in recent years, although thankfully not to any great degree in Scotland.

Amid a rise of far-right politicians across Europe, voting has seldom been so important

As Spain prepares to go to the polls tomorrow, politicians on both the left and right in that country are warning about the danger of the far-right Vox party gaining ground. Spanish nationalism, in part a response to the separatist ambitions of some in Catalonia, is said to be a factor in its new-found popularity. About a third of the electorate was undecided according to the most recent polls, prompting fears that some might choose not to vote.

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Far-right activist Tommy Robinson to stand as MEP candidate in England

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Political apathy may be understandable – particularly in the UK given the Brexit crisis – but if good people stop voting, it will simply hand opportunities to extremists.

The UK is due to hold elections for the European Parliament on 23 May. Even if the MEPs elected as a result do not hold their seats for very long, the outcome is still important and it will send a message about what kind of country Britain is.

So, don’t give in to apathy, make sure to use your vote.