Lynne McCrossan: Cutting-edge girls saved me a stitch in time

This week the big guns were called in as the sewing challenge cranked up a notch in difficulty.

I went to my go-to gals, dress designer Carolyn Baxter and milliner Sally Ann Provan, for some much needed help.

What’s the point of having friends who run labels and not leaning on them a little? Some might say that’s cheating, I call it extra tutelage.

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First stop was my sewing soul sister, Carolyn. She almost had a heart attack the afternoon we spent pattern cutting mini skirts since her order book was choca with clients.

As I attempted to overlock hems and she showed me how to insert invisible zips, her poor pug was being bullied by my baby.

The work experience girl became redundant as a seamstress, rapidly turning into a referee between my son and Carolyn’s furry daughter!

Then it was off to the old Duncan’s chocolate factory to drop off dresses I’d borrowed from Judy R Clark for last week’s shoot.

I could have got someone else to return them but Judy’s studio is across the hall from Sally’s so I seized my opportunity.

I’ve grown four new wrinkles since the last time we gassed so there was a lot to catch up on. Her biggest news being she’s starting hat-making evening classes. Perfect timing during my dressmaking challenge.


For more information on Sally Ann Provan’s hat making courses, from beaded headpieces, hand-blocking felt hats to making your own handbags, contact Sally at [email protected]