Leader: ‘She is focused on finding a positive’

OUR thoughts are today with Edinburgh’s fundraising queen Lynne McNicoll and her family following the death of her stepson Andrew in a cycling accident.

Of course, any death in these circumstances is a tragedy for the family involved and they need the time and space to grieve.

It is perhaps typical of the bravery and selflessness of Lynne, however, that she is already focused on finding a positive.

We have reported in awe over the years of the efforts of this truly remarkable lady in raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes before forming her own charity, It’s Good 2 Give!, with husband Ian.

They have both now pledged to set up a fund in Andrew’s memory that will be dedicated to making cycling safer in Scotland.

This is a key concern as Edinburgh continues to pursue ambitious targets to dramatically increase the number travelling by bike.

The city council has committed itself to a goal of 15 per cent of all journeys by bike within the next ten years – a vast increase on the current four per cent figure.

With that there are already pledges to create special bike “corridors” and improve cycle lanes across the city.

But just as important is ensuring both cyclists and other motorists are properly educated on how to co-exist and navigate Edinburgh’s increasingly congested streets safely and with respect for each other.

The only way to tempt people away from four wheels and on to two is by ensuring the experience is as safe as possible.

Fatal cycling accidents in the Capital remain, thankfully, rare but Andrew’s tragic death is a timely reminder of the dangers that exist every day and how a split- second decision can devastate lives.

We will fully support the McNicolls in their endeavours with the memorial fund and their efforts to improve cycle safety, and we trust that others in the city will follow suit. Such projects are, of course, never easy but with Lynne at the helm, there is little doubt it will prove to be a success.

That would indeed be a fitting memorial.