Leader comment: Donald J Trump Airport would be a step too far

Many Scots will be dismayed at the revelation that Donald Trump's business empire is involved in efforts to save Prestwick Airport from closure.

Donald Trump outside Trump Turnberry's clubhouse.

The proximity of Trump Turnberry means he has a vested interest in the ailing airport. And, given Prestwick’s struggles, it is perhaps understandable to try to enlist the help of the current US President.

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Despite several moral concerns, the long-term significance of Turnberry to Scotland means we probably have to recognise that Mr Trump will have an influence in that part of the country. The Republican billionaire is known for his belief in the power of his own name, as evidenced by Trump Tower, Trump University, Trump Model Management, Trump Natural Spring Water and even Success by Trump, a “masculine” fragrance that, apparently, creates a “powerful presence”. If his apparatchiks have briefed him on the airport, the idea surely must at least have crossed the great man’s mind. After all, that Democrat John F Kennedy, has JFK International in New York.

But Donald J Trump Airport would be a step too far.