Leader comment: Brave Emma makes a splash by swimming Forth

The Firth of Forth is not widely known for its outdoor swimming opportunities.

Emma plans to attempt to swim the Frith of Forth.
Emma plans to attempt to swim the Frith of Forth.

Chilly temperatures, high winds and strong currents are enough to put off most people from even paddling at Aberdour or Portobello beach on a summer’s day.

Emma Hudson-Brookfield is not so easily deterred.

This Saturday, the ten-year-old will attempt to swim from North to South Queensferry, along with her father Ian Hudson, to raise money for the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity.

The primary school pupil will become the youngest ever swimmer to cross this stretch of water if she can make it to Hawes Pier, breaking an 80-year-old record.

While Emma will be joined by four other swimmers and a support team, there is no doubting her bravery in undertaking such a task. Many strong swimmers three times her age would balk at the idea of crossing the Forth’s battleship-grey waters.

Her courage and determination to help such a worthy should act as an inspiration to all.

We wish her the very best of luck.