Leader comment: The '˜best' reason why Donald Trump's Twitter account was taken down

For 11 minutes, we were deprived of the chance to benefit from the words of arguably the most eloquent and powerful human being on the planet. It's not actually clear whether he had anything to say during this brief hiatus but, still, Donald Trump's regular pronouncements have become a fact of daily life in the English-speaking world.

Donald Trump says he knows the "best words". Picture: AFP/Getty Images

So it was just a bit of shock for many of us when a “rogue employee” managed to take down his Twitter account.

We know Mr Trump is eloquent because he’s told us so, many times. “I know words, I know the best words,” he once said, succinctly demonstrating just how eloquent he can be.

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After the US President was restored to the Twitterverse, many doubtless breathed a sigh of relief. Normality restored.

The great leader himself was sanguine. This, he tweeted, simply meant “the word must finally be getting out – and having an impact”.

Phew, one of the President’s “best words” was at last loose in the world, spreading his message of peace, love and understanding. It’s something like that, right?