Leader comment: The bells sound for Brexit

It is in the nature of major events like Edinburgh's Hogmanay these days that they have to reinvent themselves a little every year.

Edinburgh's Torchlight Processions marks the opening of Edinburgh's New Year celebrations

Young festival-goers are hungry for new experiences and so organisers have to work harder than ever to tempt them back after they have been once and ‘ticked it off the list’.

This year the so-called ‘home of Hogmanay’ has chosen a theme with an edge - a celebration of our European links that sticks two metaphorical fingers up at Brexit.

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It is perfectly pitched for its audience and more broadly for Scotland as a whole. Hogmanay is a night when we Scots traditionally offer a warm welcome to our neighbours. In the centre of Edinburgh, tens of thousands of Scots will join similar numbers of visitors from across Europe and beyond to celebrate as one.

Tradition dictates that it is a time when we should all cast an eye to the past and then look forward with optimism. That might be tricky this year.

If we are still staring down the barrel of a no deal Brexit, we are all going to need a stiff drink to fortify us.