Karen Koren: So that’s what became of Geraldine

I HAVE just had a wonderful time in Cornwall, a place I’d never been to before, and was pleasantly surprised. For a start, there was wonderful sunshine for the three days I was there.

I stayed with my very good friend Geraldine McNulty who performed at the Gilded Balloon many years ago - I also toured her shows around the UK and we had some wonderful times together.

Geraldine first performed at the Gilded Balloon in 1990 as part of a duo (with Alistair Collingwood on the piano) called Friends Of The Famous. Sounds a bit twee now, but at the time they were very funny. Typical Fringe material, friendly piano player and Gerry, who sang and performed loads of brilliant characters.

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Geraldine is an expert at dialects, from West Country, to Liverpudlian, Cockney to Manchester she can do them all - Irish is her speciality. Well, her father was Irish. She could really get to you with her portrayal of Irish women from posh to poor. I was always agog at the monologues she came out with.

Geraldine performed solo after a few years and by the end of her Fringe years was playing to sell-out houses. In 1997 she performed a brilliant piece called Betty. It was stunning and ended up in the West End of London, something of which I have always been very proud.

Geraldine went on to many a TV show and is best known for her portrayal of the ditsy receptionist in My Hero.

For the moment, however, she has eschewed acting in favour of sorting out her new refurbished house in Cornwall, in which she kindly put me up.

Sitting on the balcony of the lovely ranch-style house overlooking the glistening sea really was idyllic.

As you have maybe guessed I’ll be heading back to Cornwall at the earliest opportunity.