Karen Koren: Is Capital New Year party set to fade?

THE clocks will be going back this weekend . . . winter begins! I’m dreading it. We have been told that it will be like the year before last, lots of snow and a white Christmas.

My grandkids cheered when they heard, but I certainly did not. The thought of trudging through snow and not being able to get the car out of the drive puts shivers down my spine. Still, we have to look on the bright side, Edinburgh will look beautiful once again. Burying the roadworks and hampering the tram works.

Another case in point – I have heard rumours that there is no room to have all the usual shenanigans at the Hogmanay Street Party, which is tragic. Edinburgh has a world-class reputation for its New Year celebrations and now we don’t seem to have the room to accommodate all these happy revellers who want to enjoy this special event.

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I think, like many others, I may go away for New Year. Although I would like to support my friend Pete Irvine, it just seems that it will be very hard to put on a good party because of all the Princes Street chaos.

Unique Events, Pete’s company, is marketing the event as 2012 going into Lucky 13 – it may be unlucky 2013 at this rate.

It will very much depend on the entertainment that they have lined up and, if I know Pete, he will “pull out the stops” to make it the best he can possibly make it. If anyone can, he can and will.

We are very lucky here in Edinburgh that we do attract tourists all year round. I would very much like to contribute to making some enjoyable events happen over the winter period. This year, it will be in the form of some excellent shows, however I will be on the lookout for exciting new things to bring to the Capital in the future.