John Gibson: Xmas card for the Rev from Rod?

What with his involvement in their baptisms and wedding, few are closer to Rod Stewart and his family than Ian Gilmour.

The Rev Ian has two children of his own and he’s been busy enough himself since migrating from South Leith Kirk (it was the Leith connection that forged his link with the Stewarts) up town for two new charges, at St Andrew’s and St George’s in George Street and the former St George’s West in Shandwick Place. Two buildings, one congregation.

“It’s a challenge but I’m relishing it,” says Ian. “Christmas trees in both. We’ve called it The Tree Festival. I think they’ve been very welcoming and we’ve raised a lot of money for the homeless in the city. We are supporting three charities . . . Fresh Start, The Rock and Bethany.

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“Our daughter Jennifer has two children and Gillian will marry in April. I hope she’ll call on her dad’s expertise in this respect.’’

Ian lived a hymn book’s throw away South Leith Kirk. Now his “manse” is in Comely Bank. No doubt he received a card from Rod? Maybe the new album?

Hat’s enough

Kate, dear, you can put it away now. We’ve all seen it. I mean the hat. And the teeth. Particularly the top set. Your orthodontist surely must be in line for a CBE, at least.

You couldn’t help notice Kate making a spectacle of herself in that hat but, be fair, the lass is madly in love. With herself. Presumably Willy the Wally has seen it. The hat. Even the Duke in his sick bed. She even wore it for Queenie.

I’ve sent her a hat box because she’s bound to bring it out again for Ascot. Come to think of it, I should have sent her a tumbler for her pearly whites. We don’t want to see them lose their sparkle.