John Gibson: Porty pic has been delayed

You could say it’s been delayed in the post. Edinburgh filmmaker Ian Rintoul planned on having his latest work, Postcards from Portobello, out and running by the end of this month.

“I’ve had too many hitches in production and the weather hasn’t helped,’’ says Trinity-based Ian, whose Hour of the Eagle has been among his award winners. I’m now setting late September as the new release date but the venue for the premier is unchanged, fittingly enough in the local St Philips Church. Still a running time of 40 minutes.

“More to Porty than meets the stranger’s eye, of course, but it helps if you’re old enough. It’s the birthplace of one of Scotland’s legendary music hall comedians Harry Lauder and Sir Harry will figure in my film, as will the Dog and Cat Home along the road at Seafield.’’

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Gaga at Gorgie?

Bouncing about on the internet like a stray ball, a Tynecastle gig for Lady Gaga in 2013. A giggle for Jambo types. They’ve been wondering if it’s true and, if it is, will Tynie still exist and, indeed, will there still be a Heart of Midlothian Football Club?

A reflection on Hearts management and the state of the game in Scotland. Hibbies are in no position to gloat. Will there still be a Hibernian Football Club in the Premier League?

Anyway, the word is Her Ladyship on her tour will have Gorgie agog on October 13, 2013. Get your tickets now. I cannae be bothered.