John Gibson: Lulu for three nights at 95 quid?

Back where she belongs. Back at Butlins. Back among her ain folk. It’s Lulu. We always knew we’d see her back shouting along with the holiday camp’s Redcoats.

Not quite A-list celebrity but you wouldn’t expect a performer at her age to have the pick of the stalls. She’ll share the bill with another blast from the past, Alvin Stardust. Brings it all back, doesn’t it?

Lulu comes with a special offer. She’s part of the Butlins chain’s March 23-26 weekend at Bognor Regis for a giveaway £95 per person for a three-night stay.

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So get yourself down to West Sussex and weep your nostalgia tears. You might even grab Lulu’s autograph. Ninety-five quid won’t break you.

Andie style file

Talking on American TV, former model and actress Andie MacDowell, who starred opposite Hugh Grant in Four Weddings, is advising women over 50 (she’s 53) not to wear short skirts, even if they still have the legs. A fashionista myself, presumably Andie hasn’t seen BBC Scotland’s weather girl Cat Cubie, a self-styled cutie who’s far from 50.

Cat appeared on the tea-time news the other night. In that outfit, truly a sight to behold. Encore, encore, Cat!

Pain in the Ed

They’re all at it.When your PR or press officer runs out of ideas, nip into a hospital, off with your jacket, roll up your sleeves and grab a baby for the cameras.

Ed Miliband posed with the nearest toddler from the babes-in-arms ranks and his prop wouldn’t face him. Struggled to break free.

Exactly the effect Ed has on me and the mass of viewers, disenchanted Labourites among them.