John Gibson: Looking at the big picture

Frank Manclark’s paintings, like Old Newhaven Harbour pictured below, have long been featured in the Capital’s restaurants and clubs. Now Edinburgh Arts is to exhibit his most recent work in its Nicolson Street shop from the end of this month.

He first exhibited representing the Scottish Schools in the London South Bank Exhibition in 1950. Since then his work has been seen throughout Europe, much of it a product of his training in miniature painting at Chichester College.

His larger work is sought by collectors and his landscape efforts took him to a world competition in St Petersburg.

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Says Frank (middle name Forsgard and that’s a new one on me): “What I’ll have in Nicolson Street is the result of five months’ work and features cars, trams and buses in Edinburgh in the Fifties and Sixties.”

Hamza spotted

Hooked, as we all are on Abu Hamza. While I concede it could be a case of mistaken identity I’m sure that was him who jumped off a 26 bus at Drumbrae. What business did he have in that part of town, I wonder?

Spare us the tears

All but ruined my spring holiday weekend (regardless of the Hampden result on Saturday, I have a copy deadline), the spectacle of Ken Livingstone, above, weeping into his hands watching his own election broadcast in his bid to become Mayor of London, with Ed Miliband laying a comforting hand on his shoulders. Quick, pass me a sickbag somebody.