John Gibson: Julia was all eyes for Charles

Watch it. They won’t be forgotten in one of the honours lists before long. Julia Bradbury, pictured below, and Matt Baker blatantly sucked up to Prince Charles on his Gloucestershire farm, helping him mend a fence.

The vivacious Julia, an outdoors sort, was in his face, while Baker, a co-presenter of The One Show, looked uncomfortable, as he does most nights with the apres-tea chat show. Rarely looks at ease in front of the camera.

I could imagine Charles asking security: “This fellow what’s-his-name, what does he do? Is he OK?”

Big talk

For a wee wifie of five feet nothing Shandy Toksvig talks big. She’s been having a right good go at Kate Middleton, alleging that behind the glam, the hair and the teeth there isn’t much upstairs. Big smile but short on personality.


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Well, you know something, I can’t really take Talksbig to task this time. That said, I’m praying, along with the nation, everything goes well when the baby arrives.

Afterwords . . .

. . . That ball was a mile over the line, a mile over. So what happens to the assistant ref Raymond White who, to everybody’s amazement, said it wasn’t? Banned for life from refereeing, next assignment East Stirling Reserves, the SpecSavers Five-a-Sides or a mere slap on the wrist?