John Gibson: I’ll be done up like a lollipop man

Let’s hear it for him. Let’s raise our titfers to Tommy. They’ve just gone and bestowed a British Empire Medal on the man. Not before time, his old mates are saying.

Aye, what a man, I’m saying. They’ve waited an eternity to give Tommy Carson a gong, an eternity of selfless work for charity.

It’s not, though, as if his endeavours have gone unrecognised. In 2007 he was our Citizen of the Year, an honour blessed by then Lord Provost George Grubb.

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Tommy will grace Holyrood’s garden party with wife Marian early next month and the BEM will be pinned to his chest by the Queen at Buck Palace later this year.

He has delved deep into his wardrobe for the occasion, to be held here and in London. Says Tommy: “I’ll be done up like a lollipop in my tartan trews and Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket.”

He was in the Black Watch infantry in the first half of the war until a perforated eardrum saw him transferred to the Royal Army Service Corps.

Meantime, he goes on raising untold thousands. Touch of the old soldier about Tommy. Wear that medal with pride!

It’s Kate . . again

Nary a blush from the Divine Duchess. Not the slightest smear of embarrassment. Well, she positively loves the glare, doesn’t she?

The national newspaper that plastered Kate all over, front and inside, has done it again. Seven, I said seven, shots of the creature this time. Overkill? Don’t be ridiculous!