John Gibson: All to do with the Rowan tree

Admirable in the extreme. They’ve been helping to fight poverty and His Royal Highnesss is proud of them.

The Caves in South Niddry Street won the Scottish Business in the Community Award a Prince Charles charity, collected from the man himself by Lisa Rowan at Holyrood with brother Norrie an onlooker. Together they manage the venue.

They’ve got a hectic schedule ahead there with more than 50 shows daily under the Just a Tonic banner, running throughout the Fringe.

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‘‘It was nice to get the recognition with the Prince’s charity and now the Caves will be a major attraction again, with the entire South Niddry Street one of the Old Town’s busiest and, we hope, fun-packed thoroughfares.’’

Lisa and Norrie talking, and they well know what happiness and the Royal Mile are are all about. Their dad is Norrie Rowan, a rugby stalwart and business entrepreneur in his own right.


Don’t mock Dad’s Army. Edinburgh will have to recruit its own “Scottish Defence Force” if we vote for independence (nae chance, perish the thought). So we’d rally the troops locally.

We shouldn’t be short of bodies. Start the call-up at Holyrood and the City Chambers, both venues are crawling with little Hitlers, who’ve never seen a real gun and would run a mile. If they had to fire a shot in anger, they’d do it in their pants.

Independence? Don’t panic!

Afterwords . .

And you’re telling me you forgot to send her a card? Baroness Gardner of Parkes was 85 on Tuesday. People are heartless nowadays. Don’t give a monkey’s for their elders.