Here’s my special guide to eBay customer service – Hayley Matthews

Some of the giant babies on eBay need to grow up (Picture: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire
Some of the giant babies on eBay need to grow up (Picture: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire
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I’ve been having a ­clear-out of clothes whilst trying to accept that what Oryn is quickly growing out of won’t be getting used for a baby No 3, writes Hayley Matthews.

As much as I’d love to have just one more, the surgeons were quite clear on avoiding a future pregnancy as they stitched up my stomach, which resembled a bowl of mangled tripe.

So part of my acceptance journey is having a clear-out and selling some things on eBay. I have to say it’s been one of the most entertaining things I think I’ve ever done and it’s left me realising that the online shoppers amongst us have a sense of entitlement like never before.

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I’ve had people be rude beyond belief that an item hasn’t been posted out within minutes of paying, or that I haven’t replied to one of their five emails that day and to be honest I’ve had it with them all.

My response is that they haven’t bought an item from John Lewis or Amazon with a customer service team of several hundred waiting to deal with their every query. They’ve bought something from a very busy mum-of-two who spends her day jumping between the role of bottom wiper, chef, IT/videogame support, first aider and a walking Wikipedia. If I’m lucky I get time to drink a cold cup of tea.

I may have used the odd profanity on replying but it’s been worth it just to have a chuckle!