Gary Flockhart: Madonna hits new heights of diva-dom

MUSIC icons are a demanding lot and the rider - the star’s list of requests or conditions - has long been the source of stories exposing the ridiculous excesses of some.

But ahead of her much-awaited visit to the Capital next month, Madonna seems to be taking diva-ness to whole new levels.

Already out on the road with the show that brings her to Murrayfield Stadium on July 21, the Queen of Pop’s rider reportedly includes all sorts of extravagant demands.

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For her MDNA tour, Her Madgesty has been travelling with a 200-strong entourage including 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor and an acupuncturist.

And she requires that all furniture is removed from her dressing room and replaced with pieces she has shipped in.

The Material Girl also expects her dressing room to have 20 international phone lines and to be filled with flowers, particularly white and light-pink roses and lilies with stems cut exactly six inches in length.

If you think that’s standard fare for such a big star on tour, then you haven’t heard the half of it.

Taking paranoia to a whole new level, it has been reported that she has also employed a ‘sterilisation team’ to wipe away any DNA left behind in her dressing room.

Madonna is said to be so worried that fans want to steal her DNA that she’s been ordering workers to complete an extreme clean of her dressing rooms on tour so that any of her hair, skin or saliva cannot be captured. The superstar apparently demands that only she herself and her entourage are allowed backstage and that no one even looks at her dressing room once it has been made ready.

If these reports are true, then not only is Madonna one of the most successful female artists of all time, but she is also the ultimate diva.