Forget bridges or tunnels, we need an Einstein–Rosen wormhole between Scotland and Ireland – leader comment

The UK Government’s plans to link Scotland and Northern Ireland just got more ‘ambitious’ or something...

Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, says the word 'bridge' was used as a 'euphemism' for the word 'tunnel' (Picture: Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

According to Chambers Dictionary, the word euphemism means a “mild or inoffensive term used in place of one considered offensive or unpleasantly direct”.

According to Alistair Jack, the Scottish Secretary, when Boris Johnson and the UK Government talked about building a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland, this was actually “euphemism” for something else – a tunnel.

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Scottish Secretary Alister Jack says he wants to see tunnel constructed between ...

Why Jack apparently considers the word “tunnel” to be offensive or unpleasant is not a subject we’re keen to explore further.

However, his contention that this would be cheaper than a bridge seems, well, contentious at best – even if one estimate for the latter was an eye-watering £20 billion.

The Scottish Greens, who some may regard as being usually more prone to big, possibly a tad unrealistic, dreams than the traditionally more, er, ‘conservative’ Conservatives, dismissed the idea as “pure fantasy”, while Nicola Sturgeon suggested there were “more important priorities”.

We live in strange times. And, yes, when we say “strange” that is a euphemism for something else...


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