Fear not! Boris Johnson plans mission to interstellar ‘Disneyland’ by 31 October – leader comment

If you have a ‘can-do’ attitude like Boris Johnson, great things can be achieved, like using a wormhole to travel through space and time to a rocky planet 73 light-years away in order to live in a cave – all by 31 October.

Yes we can: Boris Johnson insists a human colony can be set up on a planet 73 light-years away by 31 October (he didn't really). Picture: Rui Vieira/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Should we eventually mess up the Earth so badly that we are forced to leave, we will probably invest most of our hope for a ‘plan-et B’ in Mars.

However, if it turns out the red planet is awash with dormant but deadly viruses just waiting for some carbon-based lifeforms to infect, we may have to look further afield.

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The discovery of a rocky ‘super-Earth’ in the TOI-270 star system some 73 light-years away by a Nasa satellite designed to look for life in other parts of the galaxy has been described as a “true Disneyland for exoplanet science”.

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Boris Johnson insists UK can leave EU with a deal at end of October

Admittedly, the length of its year – just over three days, rather than 365 – might take some getting used to, but think of the birthday cake candles when you turn 7,000.

And it is a bit on the warm side at 254C, but we should adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude about such things. We feel sure we’d find a shady spot or could live in underground caves or, er, something.

Some might find current political events so depressing that this new world sounds enticing.

If so, there’s good news. Apparently, Boris Johnson reckons we should be able to leave by 31 October (but perhaps we’re getting confused).