Drumlanrig: United by tale of wedded blitz

A YOUNG Labour Party activist calls Drumlanrig to relate a peculiarly candid confession from an SNP politician.

David Bowie. Picture: PA
David Bowie. Picture: PA

Having booked into a hotel in advance of his wedding, the nervous Labour fellow took to the bar for a calming tincture. There, sitting alone, was a Nationalist of his casual acquaintance.

“What are you doing here?” inquired the older man.

“I’m getting married,” replied the youngster.

The SNP man nodded and leaned forward to offer sage words of advice. “Don’t do it,” he said, “biggest mistake you’ll ever make.”

Fair warms the cockles.

Star Man Bowie flush with a little piece of Scotland

LAST week’s referendum comments from pop icon David Bowie, right, inevitably led to questions about how much he actually knew or cared about Scotland.

Perhaps the answer lies in the downstairs loo of the house he owns in Paris. That’s where he keeps a star from the ceiling of the Barrowland Ballroom, in Glasgow’s East End. In an Scotland on Sunday feature about the Barras last year, employee Billy Coyle recounted how he climbed up to get the star after being asked by Bowie.

Alexander hits back with daddy of all one-liners

TREASURY Secretary Danny Alexander was in mischievous mood when he appeared before MSPs last week. He reminded his former Liberal Democrat colleague Chic Brodie – now an SNP MSP – that the last time the pair met they were in the same party.

“I remind you of the fact that when you are 18 you think that your father is an idiot and by the time you are 21 you are surprised how much he has learned,” boomed the effervescent Nationalist backbencher as the pair locked horns at the economy committee.

The coalition chief smiled as he politely told Brodie, “I do not think that you are my father.” Ouch ...

First Minister’s roadshow preaching to converted

ALEX Salmond may find himself quite literally preaching to the converted when the Scottish Government goes on the road again tomorrow and stages a meeting in Portlethen, near Aberdeen.

The First Minister will chair a question-and-answer session with locals in the town’s parish church, as a nearby hall was deemed not to be big enough. It is not known if Salmond plans to address his audience – or his indeed his team of cabinet secretaries – from the pulpit.