Drumlanrig: Stone of Destiny’s champion | Rangers

Stone of Destiny champion keeps the spirit aliveSIX and a half decades after Ian Hamilton broke into Westminster Abbey and daringly reclaimed the Stone of Destiny for Scotland, the 88-year-old can’t help noticing the number of No voters among his neighbours in the west coast town of North Connel.

Former QC Ian Hamilton, 83. Picture: TSPL
Former QC Ian Hamilton, 83. Picture: TSPL
Former QC Ian Hamilton, 83. Picture: TSPL

Although still enviably spry, he regrets that he no longer has the energy to go out on the stump and show them the error of their ways.

“At the moment I am lamenting the fact that I have lost my walking stick and you expect me to go out canvassing?” he said.

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His sense of mischief remains as acute as ever, however. The political leanings of the good folk of North Connel has led to the Paisley-born QC christening it “Bearsden on Sea”.

Referendum tactics scotched by the facts

IT seems that Yes Scotland could do with a few lessons on spreading fear and alarm from their rivals in Better Together. An eagle-eyed Tory spotted the following tweet from a Yes Scotland twitter account: “With a Yes (sic) vote, we risk up to 100,000 more children being pushed into poverty by Tory cuts.”

“Seems they can’t even do baseless scaremongering properly,” said the Tory contemptuously.

Meanwhile, those on the No side should do a bit more homework on the Scottish drinks industry. A press release put out by Nick Clegg’s people referred to the deputy prime minister’s visit to the “Auchentoshan whiskey (sic) distillery”. Seems they don’t know their Scotch from their Irish.

Glasgow kiss – 2014 style – makes Whovian’s day

HUGH Moore, the dancer at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony who got a smacker from John Barrowman, has been reflecting on his five minutes of fame.

According to Moore, the experience was made easier by the fact that he happened to be “quite a big fan” of Barrowman.

“I thought he was great in Doctor Who,” Moore said.

Politics colour Westminster support for Rangers

THE Labour MP for Glasgow North West John Robertson (below) has been pondering why no SNP MPs appear to be supporters of Glasgow Rangers.

In a new book, Born Under A Union Flag – Rangers, Britain And Scottish Independence, Robertson –one of the contributors – refers to his role at the chairman of the UK Parliament’s Rangers Supporters Club. 
It is, Robertson says, “genuinely cross party” but “sadly” the SNP has refused an invitation to join.

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“It is difficult to say whether this is because they are not Rangers supporters or for other reasons,” Robertson writes.

One wonders if the lusty renditions of Rule Britannia at Ibrox have anything to do with it.