On this day: Seven explosions in Mumbai

Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 11 July

On this day in 2006, seven explosions ripped through trains and stations in the city of Mumbai, India, killing scores. Picture: Getty
On this day in 2006, seven explosions ripped through trains and stations in the city of Mumbai, India, killing scores. Picture: Getty

National day of Mongolia

1274: Robert the Bruce was born at Turnberry Castle.

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1370: Marjory Stewart, the daughter of King Robert II, married John Dunbar, the first Earl of Moray, against her father’s consent.

1346: Charles IV of Luxembourg was elected Holy Roman Emperor.

1533: Pope Clement VII excommunicated King Henry VIII.

1690: William III defeated the deposed James II at the Battle of the Boyne.

1750: Halifax in Nova Scotia was almost totally destroyed by fire.

1776: Captain Cook sailed from Portsmouth in the Resolution, accompanied by the Discovery, on his third and last expedition.

1810: Napoleonic Empire annexed Holland.

1818: John Keats visited the first home of Robert Burns in Alloway and wrote his sonnet Written In the Cottage Where Burns was born.

1848: Waterloo Station in London was opened.

1859: The chime of Big Ben in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament was heard for the first time.

1881: The “ghost-ship” Flying Dutchman was sighted 50 miles off the Cape of Good Hope, by the crew of HMS Inconstant.

1893: The first cultured pearl was obtained by Kokichi Mikimoto.

1895: Auguste and Louis Lumiere, who invented film, demonstrated it to scientists.

1924: Scottish athlete Eric Liddell won the Olympic 400 metres sprint in Paris.

1930: Don Bradman hit 309 runs in one day for Australia against England at Leeds, and went on to score 334.

1952: General Eisenhower was nominated as the Republican US presidential candidate.

1962: American Fred Baldassare became first to swim the English Channel underwater with scuba equipment.

1968: Colin Cowdrey became the first cricketer to play in 100 Test matches.

1969: David Bowie released his single Space Oddity and the Rolling Stones released Honky Tonk Women.

1975: China’s great terracotta army was uncovered near the ancient capital of Xian. More than 6,000 life-sized warriors were made in about 206 BC to guard the tomb of the first emperor.

1976: France performed a nuclear test on Muruora Island.

1979: America’s Skylab I returned to earth after 34,981 orbits since its launch on 14 May, 1973.

1981: Neva Rockefeller became the first woman ordered to pay her husband alimony.

1986: Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway ran the 10,000 metres in a world record time of 30 minutes, 13.74 seconds.

1991: A total solar eclipse was seen in Hawaii.

1994: A report said that women in Glasgow have the world’s highest rate of heart disease.

1995: Actor Hugh Grant was fined £750 by a Los Angeles court and put on probation for two years when he admitted lewd conduct with a prostitute.

2006: 209 people were killed in a series of bomb attacks in Mumbai, India.

2007: Four suicide bomber refugees found guilty of plotting to detonate explosions on three Tube trains and a bus in London in 2005 were jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 40 years. All the bombs failed to go off.

2010: Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 in South Africa to win the World Cup for the first time.


Giorgio Armani, fashion designer, 80; Suzanne Vega, singer-songwriter, 55; Giorgio Armani, fashion designer, 80; Nadeem Aslam, novelist, 48; John Kettley, weatherman, 62; Mark Lester, actor and singer, 56; Lord Levy, 70; Dean Richards, rugby player and coach, 51; Richie Sambora, rock guitarist (Bon Jovi), 55; Peter de Savary, businessman and yachtsman, 70; Kellie Shirley, actress, 33; Leon Spinks, former world heavyweight boxing champion, 61; John Stride, actor, 78; Gough Whitlam, Australian prime minister 1972-1975, 98; Bonnie Pointer, R&B and disco singer (The Pointer Sisters), 64; Ray Dodds, drummer (Fairground Attraction), 56.


Births: 1754 Thomas Bowdler, Scottish physician and publisher; 1767 John Quincy Adams, 6th United States president; 1834 James Whistler, painter and writer; 1862 Liza Lehmann, composer and singer; 1916 Reg Varney, actor; 1917 Yul Brynner, actor; 1924 Charlie Tully, Celtic and Northern Ireland footballer; 1926 Patrick Wymark, actor; 1929 David Kelly, Irish actor.

Deaths: 1937 George Gershwin, composer; 1941 Sir Arthur Evans, archaeologist; 1958 Karel Wellens, Flemish painter; 1989 Lord Olivier, actor; 1992 Albert Pierrepoint, hangman; 2000 Right-Reverend Lord Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury 1980-91; 2011 George Henry Hubert Lascelles KBE, 7th Earl of Harewood, artistic director of the Edinburgh Festival 1961-65; 2007 Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady of US.