On this day: The Flying Scotsman went into service

Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 24 February

On this day in 1923 the Flying Scotsman went into service for the first time, retiring from regular service 40 years later. Picture: Getty
On this day in 1923 the Flying Scotsman went into service for the first time, retiring from regular service 40 years later. Picture: Getty

1530: Charles V was crowned Holy Roman Emperor and King of Italy by Pope Clement VII at Bologna – the last imperial coronation by a pope.

1582: Pope Gregory XIII announced the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, replacing the Julian calendar. That was acknowledged by Scotland in 1600, and adopted by England in 1752, by which time a loss adjustment of 11 days had to be “fixed”.

1920: Viscountess Astor became the first woman to speak in the House of Commons.

1923: Flying Scotsman express went into service.

1932: Sir Malcolm Campbell world land-speed record of 253.96 mph on Daytona Beach.

1945: Egypt’s premier Ahmed Pasha was assassinated after announcing Egypt’s declaration of war against Germany.

1945: American troops liberated Philippine capital of Manila from Japanese occupation.

1946: Juan Perón elected president of Argentina.

1964: Henry Cooper beat Brian London to win his second Lonsdale Belt.

1966: Kwame Nkrumah, president of Ghana since independence in 1957, was overthrown by an army coup, and went into exile in Guinea.

1981: Prince Charles, 32, and Lady Diana Spencer, 19, announced their engagement.

1989: Several passengers were sucked out of a plane 22,000 feet over the Pacific when a hole the size of a bus was torn in a Boeing 747 soon after take-off from Honolulu to Auckland.

1991: In the first parliamentary Soviet elections under a genuine multi-party system, voters in Lithuania rejected Communist rule.

1991: Allies launched three-pronged assault deep into Kuwait and Iraq. At least 10,000 Iraqi troops reported to have surrendered.

1992: Australian prime minister Paul Keating was criticised for insulting the Queen with comments about republicanism.

2000: An independent inquiry was ordered into the cost of the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood, reported to have risen from £40 million to £220m.

2007: Japan launched its fourth spy satellite, stepping up its ability to monitor potential threats such as North Korea.

2008: Fidel Castro retired as the president of Cuba after nearly 50 years.


Denis Law CBE, Scottish footballer and commentator, 74; Jean Alexander, actress (Coronation Street’s Hilda Ogden), 88; Kristin Davis, actress, 49; Paul Jones, singer (Manfred Mann and Blues Band) and actor, 72; Floyd Mayweather Jr, boxer, 37; Alain Prost, racing driver, 59; Derek Randall, cricketer and coach, 63; Walter Smith OBE, former Scottish football manager, 66; Dennis Waterman, actor, 66; Billy Zane, actor, 48.


Births: 1786 Wilhelm Grimm, German collector of fairy tales; 1919 Betty Marsden, actress; 1921 Pat Kirkwood, actress; 1922 Richard Hamilton, abstract artist; 1929 Lord Caplan, Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland 1989-2000.

Deaths: 1815 Robert Fulton, steamboat pioneer; 1822 Thomas Coutts, banker; 1825 Thomas Bowdler, censor of “naughty bits” in the works of Shakespeare; 1990 Malcolm Forbes, billionaire owner of Forbes Magazine; 1993 Bobby Moore, footballer; 1999 Derek Nimmo, actor; 2013 Sir Denis Forman, chairman, Scottish Film Production Fund 1990-93.