Coronavirus: Silent on the surface, but the village is buzzing

For the past four months I seem to have been living in a deserted village as I recover from (non-coronavirus) ailments in Cornwall – rarely a living soul in sight and traffic has almost disappeared.

Colourful roses are just the thing to cheer people up in these dark times

But this morning outside the village hall, bread vans, fresh fish, cheeses, pies, vegetables and pasta suddenly appeared. I bought a loaf and two small fishes – very Biblical. The word is spread by villagers in almost hourly contact by email, text message and a new app called Zoom. The place is buzzing!

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I’ve learnt to use the bread maker and am cooking up mince and tatties. What with cereal and Scotch broth, we’re back to the food of our childhood – and comforting and healthy it is.

I’ve noticed on my neighbours’ balconies and patios all manner of planted-up pots and tubs. For my part, I have planted the most vulgar and gaudy bi-colour striped roses imaginable. When neighbours came round last year they passed by the classic 19th-century roses and alighted on a jaunty little red and amber rose. “What’s this called and where did you get it?” I was asked. “It’s called Hanky Panky”, I muttered, “and I bought it in Asda”. You could almost hear the clatter as I crashed down the Gardening Club social scale.But at this time – sweep aside those pallid blooms and murky colours!