Coronavirus: Even Boris Johnson is rising to the occasion in this time of crisis

Cometh the hour, cometh the man its often said. Crises produces characters who rise to the occasion and sadly some who flunk it. The same’s happening with the coronavirus crisis.

Leo Varadkar has shown true leadership during the crisis. (Picture: Steve Humphreys/PA Wire)

To be fair Boris Johnson was much more able this week. It was badly needed, though, as earlier performances had frankly been lamentable. A national crisis isn’t an occasion for fake humour or haughty bluster but a time for leadership and direction.

Time will tell whether Johnson continues on the steadier path and indeed steps up to the mark. I wish him well as his role is pivotal for us all. Others on the Tory benches have shown greater ability, and are ready if he falters.

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The Chancellor’s new and untested but sounded convincing and reassuring even when his announcements were failing to deliver.

Exuding confidence and a sense of direction is critical as information is key.

That’s been shown in Scotland where again the First Minister has shown herself as in command of her brief and an extremely able communicator.

But the best performance has been the Irish Taoiseach. Leo Varadkar’s address to the Irish nation is worth watching if you’ve not seen it.

His politics aren’t mine and he’d just lost an election and is serving as a caretaker leader, which can’t be easy. But he was dignified, in command, gave comfort as well as direction and spoke of the threat to other lands not just his own. A masterclass in leadership.


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