Comment: Edinburgh on the up

MORE good news for Edinburgh Airport as passenger numbers soar, the countdown is on to one of the most anticipated retail developments of recent times, and Edinburgh Castle sees record-breaking visitor numbers.

Things are looking pretty good in Edinburgh just at the moment.

Sure we have been given a helping hand by some rather high-profile events – the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and the independence referendum all saw attention on Scotland and the Capital – but figures like these are still cause for celebration.

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The key as ever is maintaining the momentum and capitalising on the way Edinburgh has been showcased to the world to ensure we can reap the benefits in years to come.

The city will sell itself, we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth with a wealth of top-rated 

As we have highlighted recently, however, we cannot afford to overlook the basics.

Our road network in particular is in urgent need of repair, with an estimated £260 million required to bring all carriageways up to scratch.

Then there are budget cuts which could result in things like public toilets being closed down in the city centre.

Today’s figures are great news but if we want to attract more visitors and convince more retailers like Apple to set up shop in the city then we cannot rest on our 

We are flying high at the moment, let’s stay on the right course.

Inspiring words

PUTTING the words of Sir Walter Scott around the station named after his famous work sounds like a great idea.

Hopefully, weary travellers will be inspired while confused tourists will no longer question the reason for the big stone “Thunderbird 3” monument when they exit.